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Ever wonder what it would be like to actually take part in your favorite video game? Not just making your own Oc and just following along with whatever you are prompted to do; but actually interacting with the characters truly? Creating lasting bonds, interacting with instinctual responses, character development; that sort of thing. Well, that is exactly what happened to us; my friend and I. Somehow… somehow we got ‘inserted’ into one of the most intense action-packed games of all time in our books, Mass Effect. But, before we get into the actual story, you have to see our ‘character development’.


“Pizza’s here!” I heard Karleigh shout from the den.

“Awesome! Breadsticks?” I heard the bedroom door open as Kayleigh walked in, the smell of freshly baked garlic following,

“Na duh. Seriously, Lee, would I ever forget those? You are practically addicted to them.”

“Just asking.”

We both had just finished our mid-term exams so we decided we were going to chill out for the whole weekend by playing video games. I was an adamant Playstation player while Kar was an X-Box fan. We were always arguing about which one was better so we were going to settle that debate by playing our favorite game, Mass Effect; though since I hadn’t gotten around to getting the trilogy set we were going to play the second game. Seriously, why spend money to buy three games where I already had two of them?
Kar and I had been friends since we met at the beginning of my freshman year of college. We immediately were best friends and even decided to room together; luckily we were able to get a whole dorm to ourselves that semester.
Anyways, while I was rearranging the bedroom to put our screens next to each other and set up the system Kar was setting us up with food and drinks. The only things that was going to pull us away from our systems was going to be sleep and bathroom breaks so we had to be stocked up with everything a gamer could think of.
I had just finished setting up right as Kar finished as well. She looked around the area and asked,

“Did I forget anything?”

I looked around. She had set us up in an amazing way; gummies, chocolate bars, nachos, soft drinks, and completed it up with the pizza and breadsticks.

“I don’t think so. If we think of anything later, I’ll get it.” She smirked as she practically fell onto her bed,

“Right you are about that.” I just shook my head,

“Well, are we ready to start?”

“Heck yeah!” I smiled as I cut both systems on; sitting down on the floor next to her bed, leaning my back against it as I crossed my legs.
This was going to be fun. The games loaded and when we finally got to the character creation menu Kar yelled out,

“I call Vanguard!”

Whenever we did character creation with games we both had we would always pick different classes to keep it interesting. I sighed,

“Oh boy…”


“You’re going to renegade as heck, aren’t you, Kar?”


“Good lord, two Jacks on one ship. Might want to go ahead and put in an order for a Normandy SR3” She threw a pillow at me.

“Whatever. So what class are you picking?”

“I guess I’ll go with Soldier. That way I can cover your butt when you decide to go ‘Psyotic Biotic’.”

“Bite me.”

“Where and how hard? Oh, wait…better leave that for Scars.”

“Yeah, well why don’t you go get high off of Krios.” I grinned at her, pulling one out of her book,

“I’ll jump right on that a.s.a.p.” She busted out laughing,

“I’ve been a bad influence on you. Welcome to the Darkside!”

After spending at least an hour on character creation we both heard thunder, making us both jump. Kar put her controller down and walked over to the window.

“Balls, it’s going to be a bad one.”

“Hope the power doesn’t go off. We haven’t even gotten to save yet.”

Just as I said that the power started to flicker. Kar slowly turned toward me and glared,

“You just had to jinx us, didn’t you?”

“Well, sit your butt down so we can do just that.”

She did just that and we both pressed start, prompting the beginning cutscene…well, at least we thought it was the original cutscene. All of the sudden the screens flashed to black then slowly started glowing with a faint orange glow, somehow reminding me of the holographic effect from the omni-tools in the game. I looked at Kar, which she shrugged.
All of the sudden a high pitched squeal rang out from the speakers. We both grabbed our ears in pain, the sound slowly getting louder and louder. Kar yelled out,

“Lee, what is going on?!”

“I don’t know!”

“Cut the tv’s off!”

I reached forward and pushed the button for my tv. Nothing happened and the sound was getting even louder.

“The heck?!”

Kar jumped up and ran over to the power bar where the tv’s were plugged up and pulled it out of the wall. Again, nothing happened and the sound was so loud I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts.



I could feel myself about to pass out, vertigo setting in from the sound. I looked up to the window and only saw the same thing that was on the tv’s. I then turned my head to Kar and saw her just as she fell to the floor, holding her ears as if her life depended on it. Then finally, my world went black.
Mass Effect 2 Chapter 1: What the heck?
Hey, guys sorry about the absence as of late. Been stuck with life and all that now that I've graduated college; plus I've had the worst case of writer's block when it comes to my dragon age story. So I've decided to change it up a bit and write a Mass Effect story with a friend of mine, :iconwolfninja92:. Hopefully this will get my creative juices flowing and I'll be back in business with all my other stuff.

As always, Bioware owns everything Mass Effect (if I owned it Thane would not have died!!!!!! sorry fangirl moment), except the ideas and characters that my friend and I create. Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions. I love seeing what you guys think about what I right.
My hearing was the first thing I registered when my conscious came back to me. My ears were ringing something fierce. I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes; squinting as they tried to focus with all the bright blinking lights going off. As the ringing slowly started to ease off I slowly sat up, grabbing my head as the world was still tilting to and fro. I heard a groan beside me so I slowly turned my attention towards the origin of the sound. There was a girl laying next to me. I thought it was Kar, since she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing before, but then I noticed her hair; it was blood red. As she sat up she groaned and I immediately recognized it,

“Kar?” She immediately turned towards me. It was her, but her eyes were a vibrant violet. She looked curiously at me and said,

“Lee, that you?”

“Yeah, why do yo say that? And why do you look like that?” She tilted her head in question, which caused her hair to fall in her face. She gasped,

“What the F?” She then looked at me,

“Same with you.”

“What?” She stretched out her hand and grabbed some of my hair. It was my turn to gasp; it was longer than I remember it being and I had vibrant red highlights.

“Ok, wtf?” She shrugged,

“I have no clue.”

We both looked around the area, but for some reason my glasses were missing so I really couldn’t pick out things that were far way; though somehow Kar could. As she was turning around she immediately froze.


“Lee, turn around and look up.”

I did just that and squinted as I looked up, hoping it would help with my eyesight.


There, in big bright letters, was the all too familiar sign we’ve seen so many times before…Afterlife; it’s bright letters like a beacon in the area.

“Lee, just where the hell are we?”

“I… I think we’re on Omega…” She started freaking out,

“How the hell are we on Omega?! It’s just a game! How the heck did we get here?! Are we high or something?”
I immediately jumped up and grabbed her shoulders,

“Calm down, we’ll figure out this out, okay. We’ll figure out what the crap is going on.” All of the sudden there was a voice from behind us,

“Well I hoped you could tell me.”

We both immediately jumped and turned towards the person, only to see the ends of shotgun barrels pointed towards us. About five of them to be exact; 3 of them being held by Turians and the other 2 by Batarians; and standing right in the middle of them was the Queen of Omega herself, Aria T’Loak.

We both couldn’t speak. That just confirmed that we were on Omega…that we were in Mass Effect! Aria just casually walked over to us, just like a super model that knew she was all that.

“Speechless? That usually happens when people meet me; especially when they are caught in the act of doing something…I don’t particularly like.” Kar asked, warily in worry of being shot,

“Just what do you think we did?” Aria cocked an eyebrow. Without even turning around she said,


One of the batarians put his shotgun away and walked towards us. I recognized the name as being one of her body guards, I think the one that scans Shepard when you first meet Aria. He activated his omni-tool and, from what I could figure, scanned us. He pushed a few buttons and then looked surprised.

“Ma’am, I can’t find anything.” Without even batting an eye, Aria asked,

“What do you mean, ‘anything’. Surely there has to be something, you idiot.”

“Like I said ma’am, there’s nothing. My scans didn’t even detect an omni-tool. There is no way they would be able to do something that scale.” That’s when she turned to look at him,

“What?” She then turned back to us and activated her own omni-tool. She looked at the results and looked very intrigued.

“Well well. No omni-tools, not even any trace of eezo between the two of you.”

She let out a ha as she turned around to her men, though she was talking to us,

“Follow me.”

Karleigh and I both looked at each other and slowly followed her; looking at the still drawn shotguns. We followed her all the way to Omega, which was amazing to say the least. Seeing the elcor out front was very interesting. We continued into the building and finally arrived at Aria’s VIP box. She sat down elegantly, yet with an aura of authority, and crossed her legs. As we stood in front of her I felt really, really out of place…especially since both Kar and I were still in our pajamas; Kar a pair of shorts and a simple faded t-shirt and I a pair of baggy sweatpants and a loose workout shirt.
Aria must have sensed this and motioned for us to sit down, which we did. Aria looked at us curiously and started talking,

“So, I take it you two aren’t from around here.” I answered her,

“No…no ma’am.” She smirked when she heard that,

“Already know who’s in charge. Good girl.” Karleigh decided to speak up and asked,

“Just what did you think we did when you found us, that is if you don’t mind me asking?”

I could tell from her tone that she wanted to pull a tone with Aria, but she definitely knew that wouldn’t work. Aria also picked up on that and her smirk got even bigger,

“We had a station wide electrical disturbance; everything just kept on going on and off. And we found the area of the disturbance source, which is exactly where we found you two. Care to comment about that?” Kar and I looked at each other and Kar said,

“I seriously have no clue just what the hell happened. One minute we were in our room and the next thing we knew we were where you found us.”

“Really?… Garka, get me the salarian doctor.” Both of us knew exactly who she was bringing in.

Just…holy crap she called for Mordin Solus! We sat there, looking around the place at all the different places. Kar even pointed out an Asari dancer at one point, she laughed a little when I elbowed her as I blushed. Aria was getting a kick out of our reactions.

“I’m getting the feeling you two haven’t been in a club before. Am I right?” Kar replied with a grin,

“Oh I have, though not one as grant as this.” She then pointed at me,

“She, on the other hand, hasn’t.” I smacked her in the arm. Aria was definitely intrigued by that,

“Really now? Well, welcome to Afterlife.” I blushed a bit, definitely out of my comfort zone.

That was around the time Mordin showed up. I could see his eyes darting from place to place as he stood in front of Aria.

“Ah Aria, always a pleasure. What can I do for you? Don’t look wounded in any way. Means not medical help. Must mean…” Aria raised her hand to stop him.

“Enough. I didn’t have you brought here for me. I brought you here for them.” She motioned towards us.

Mordin turned his gaze to us and I could feel him looking us over. He looked at us curiously and then turned back to Aria. Before he could even open his mouth she said,
“Scan them.”

He nodded and then proceeded to scan us with his omni-tool. When he saw the readings he looked shocked,

“Fascinating. No trace of eezo. Not even a trace of them even going through a Mass Relay showing up. Would love to run more tests.” Kar didn’t like that idea,

“We are not lab rats.” Aria answered,

“You are right now, since we seem to not be able to find you in any databases of any kind, even Alliance records. Mind to explain that one, Mordin?”

“Not too sure at the moment. Have a few ideas, though more like theories.”

“And that is?”

“Well, the most logical explanation is that they are from an alternate reality. Would explain why they don’t show any markers that is usually seen in everyone from this one. Also would explain lack of necessary day to day technology.”  Aria stared at him like he had grown a third eye or something,

“Is that your best answer? Really? How old do you think I am, Dr. Solus.”

“Already know your age… a few other things to be exact as well.” Aria glared at him,

“Don’t push your luck, salarian.” She turned her attention back to us,

“Are you for certain that they aren’t just covering their identities up and attempting to try to pull a fast one on us?”

“Positive. No markers showing for any kinds of vaccines that anyone would have gotten growing up, especially the ones every human gets as a baby. Plus, no implications of every having any implants or even an omni-tool chip ever inserted.” He leaned in closer to us,

“Yes, definitely not from this reality. Especially by the way they are reacting to us.”

“Well is there anything about them that would be of use to me?”

“Well, in theory, they could easily learn how to be biotics with ease, since their systems wouldn’t reject the exterior eezo due to not having any interior eezo.” Aria looked at us promisingly,

“Thank you, Dr. Solus. That will be all.” Mordin nodded,

“Yes ma’am. Will be back with omni-tool chips for them both. Also, please feel free to call me any time again for any more inquiries about these two. Would love to learn more sometime. Also, if one decides to become a biotic I will be more than happy to do the procedure.”
Mass Effect 2 Chapter 2: Say what?
Hey everyone. Here is the next chapter for :iconwolfninja92:'s and my fanfic. Hope everyone likes it. Please feel free to comment or leave suggestions.

Also, Bioware owns Mass Effect. I only own Lee while :iconwolfninja92: owns Karleigh.
Destiny Sisters by lblander
Destiny Sisters
This is a birthday present I did for my bf/sister. It was really fun trying to make it look like the actual game.
Testing Critter by lblander
Testing Critter
This is just something that I happened to draw digitally from playing around with techniques. Have no clue where the idea came from so...

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